My life had changed in 2012 like i never expected it, my sister is no longer with me, im going to be a mom of two babies, i got married and im finally done with school...You can say 2012 is or is not my year, we will see.

this tumblr is about whatever i life, pictures of anything I like, whether it's a cute puppy or people sexing it lol, and the ocassional picture of me, and things i like to come back and look at....

Don't judge me!

Any questions? ASK!!!!

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Happy Monkeys!

This restores my faith back in humanity!

Happy Birthday to the bravest little man I know!

One of the birthday boys was crying and I brought him to bed with me. I can’t enliven my tiny babies will be two tomorrow. I think I’ll cuddle him all night tonight.

Maximus and the girls!!!

He doesn’t understand why he can’t have Nutella after 9 pm #toddler #terribletwox2

Post zoo ridiculousness that has been going on for 10 minutes. So depressing to get home I guess

And he brought the spatula to the zoo! He has been sleeping with it and all. L

Mateo was so happy and in this Jeep we did not buy since they can’t even reach the pedal or steering wheel. He carries the spatula everywhere btw. He even sleeps with it

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Love this! #friends #youknowwhoyouare

#timehop my babies are turning two in a couple weeks…😭

Motivating myself! #theroadtogettingfitislong

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