My life had changed in 2012 like i never expected it, my sister is no longer with me, im going to be a mom of two babies, i got married and im finally done with school...You can say 2012 is or is not my year, we will see.

this tumblr is about whatever i life, pictures of anything I like, whether it's a cute puppy or people sexing it lol, and the ocassional picture of me, and things i like to come back and look at....

Don't judge me!

Any questions? ASK!!!!

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Safely back in my arms!! Thanks to all of those thinking of us

My monos outside enjoying the weather with Leila

Girls night! (at Uptown Art)

My monos with his cousin! #birthday #love #primos

With his number one Love!#abuela #maximus

My big guy Mateo!!!

Until I see you again! All I can is look at pictures and remember the good times I had with you! One day when we meet again we will resume our laughter, the fighting and coloring our hair, and being happy and then mad at each other like all siblings do. #imissyou #aime #restinparadise #mysweetsister


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