My life had changed in 2012 like i never expected it, my sister is no longer with me, im going to be a mom of two babies, i got married and im finally done with school...You can say 2012 is or is not my year, we will see.

this tumblr is about whatever i life, pictures of anything I like, whether it's a cute puppy or people sexing it lol, and the ocassional picture of me, and things i like to come back and look at....

Don't judge me!

Any questions? ASK!!!!

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Missing these 4 monkeys today! 😥

What a show!!! Lol @elnegro0624 @mulatica_26 @maverick_savage


The Emma and Lucas! #sillyboys

With their cousins!

Maxi with the girls as always!

My monkeys enjoyed their bday to the max… I’m so happy

Giving Abuelo a kiss!

Sushi time! Wild ginger!

The monkey boys on their bday! Everyone had a great time…

The kiddos set the “2” free “into the world” they said!!!

Happy Monkeys!

This restores my faith back in humanity!

Happy Birthday to the bravest little man I know!

One of the birthday boys was crying and I brought him to bed with me. I can’t enliven my tiny babies will be two tomorrow. I think I’ll cuddle him all night tonight.