My life had changed in 2012 like i never expected it, my sister is no longer with me, im going to be a mom of two babies, i got married and im finally done with school...You can say 2012 is or is not my year, we will see.

this tumblr is about whatever i life, pictures of anything I like, whether it's a cute puppy or people sexing it lol, and the ocassional picture of me, and things i like to come back and look at....

Don't judge me!

Any questions? ASK!!!!

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House for Sale! Contact Carlos Mola at 502.322.7468 #forsale #house #realtor #louisville #502 #louisvillehomes

Labor Day family selfie. I worked all day today :( only get to see my monkeys goes couple minutes before going to bed!

At the Georgia Aquarium! #atl #latergram (at Interstate 75 Northbound)

Maximus ATL chilling #lovemonkeys (at Atlanta Georiga)

These monkeys had a great day at the Georgia Aquarium!

I actually love getting pulled to Oncology! #rn #nurse #ilovemyjob

Monkey bubble bath stash! Complete with 6 Baby Bots, two bath bombs and a blue and green fun! Not bad for two monkeys. #lush #lushstash #babylush #ineverhadthis

This is what two happy bandoleros looks like! #nofilter #happybabies #happymomma #terribletwosx2

Mateo and Maxi playing@work water! #latergram

He loves me not!

Love that they are afraid of thunder And just want to cuddle in my Bed!

I was challenged by my friend Brittany Gibson to do the #ALSicebucketchallenge and I challenge @babyacosta27 my neighbor and @yulyguerra to do the same. My husband and I have also made a donation! #strikeoutALS (my video was long so I only posted this bit)

Boys reunion!

#istillloveit #amitoooldforpll #pll